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White Oak 

White Oak without Burl

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The white oak is a common hardwood tree in the eastern part of North America. The bark is not actually white, but a light gray. A mature white oak can grow to about 100 feet and can grow very wide.  Maturity occurs around 20 years, but large amounts of acorns are not produced until the tree is about 50 years of age. Flowers appear in May when leaves are one-third grown. White oaks can become very old, up to 300 years or more. The oak tree is often used as an ornamental tree. The commercial value of white oak is similar to red oak for furniture building, flooring, and cabinets, and since white oak is water- and rot-resistant, the wood is a prime candidate for barrels used in making wine and whiskey. In addition, because of its high density, strength, and low chance of splintering, the wood is used for Japanese weapons.

White Oak with Burl

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A burl is a tree growth where the grain grows in a deformed manner, leaving a round outgrowth filled with small knots. Burls result from trees that undergo a type of stress caused by an injury, a virus, or a fungus. Most burls grow underground attached to the roots, but some grow higher on the trunk of the tree. Burls are sought after for their highly figured wood, which is often used for inlay or furniture. 

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