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About Us

Friends of Murrysville Parks (FOMP) is a not-for-profit organization that was established to make the parks and reserves owned by the Municipality of Murrysville "the best they can be" for the benefit of the thousands of residents and visitors that come every year. In this, FOMP is supported by the Municipality which purchases tools and supplies that we need. 

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What We Do:

  • Elimination of invasive plants that damage or even kill native plants; this would result in loss of habitat for native fauna such as birds, butterflies, toads, etc.

  • Maintenance of walking trails including repairs of water damage, removal of fallen trees that block trails, installation of water bars, etc.

  • Education of park patrons by providing brochures of native and invasive plants, tree identification signs, guided walks, articles in the local paper, and the kiosk in Duff Park.  

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At one time, all of this was accomplished by volunteers. As our scope and vision have expanded, it has created a need for outside help in the form of paid, part-time workers. For this reason, we ask for your help, either as a volunteer or a donor. As a donor, you can be sure that 100% of your gift will be invested in the parks. Join us in making Murrysville's green spaces the very best they can be.
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