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Trout Lily
(Erythronium americanum)

 trout lily.jpg

This small 1-2 inches lily grows on 8-12 inch stems emerging from the underground corms (bulbs) that form masses of plants in the flood plains. The six petal yellow flower has orange anthers. Trout lily usually has two leaves at the base of the plant which are 3-8 inches long and are speckled with purplish and brown blotches. Blooming time is one week in April, but the leaves only disappear in late spring when the plants become dormant. The lily plants are spreading slowly via stolons (string-like roots) which are visible when areas are flooding. In Duff Park hundreds are visible along Funk Bike Way and all flood plains along Turtle Creek.

All photographs taken at Duff Park by Pat Comas, Tom Morton, Kyle Selcer and Theo van de Venne.

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