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False Solomon's Seal
(Smilacina Racemosa)

false solomon's seal 1.webp

False Solomon’s seal, a plant in the lily family grows easily and almost everywhere, except in bright sunshine. The perennial rhizomes can be as thick as one inch. The stems are 1 and 2 feet tall, dark green and glossy, slightly zigzagging, and have long, ovate, opposite leaves. The leaves are also dark green and etched with numerous, parallel veins. Each stem flowers with terminal clusters of small, white, star-shaped flowers. Pollination is done by small bees, flies, and small beetles. The fruit is eaten by a variety of birds and some mice. Deer rarely eat the leaves. False Solomon’s seal can survive for decades.

All photographs taken at Duff Park by Pat Comas, Tom Morton, Kyle Selcer and Theo van de Venne.

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